IMG_7219I am a digital storyteller, writer, and personal historian. I use a many mediums to help individuals and organizations tell stories – books, audio, video, photos, and graphics.

I am also an entrepreneur and the owner of Stories To Tell, a personal history production company that helps people to save their personal stories and family history as books and audio.

I love the moment of story transmission when one person passes on a story to another; it is a magical leap of trust. It keeps me going.




“Meghan captured the heart and soul of Swan’s Island’s elders through their stories.”

Chris Wolff

“There is so much to what you do. It is like capturing the essence of humanity: language, experiences, connections, memories, time, feelings and sound.”

Ann Boover

“I listened again, and then again and again because the people and their stories are so engaging. The story-telling quality you capture in their voices is so natural that it pulls me into their world as soon as they have introduced themselves.”

Charlie Crane