Life is Not a Rehearsal (book)

By John Barnett

As Told to Meghan Vigeant

John Barnett was destined to attend Oberlin College and become a lawyer. Life dealt him some surprises along the way, but with each challenge John sought out the best and kept his head up. He suffered the loss of his first dear wife and friend Betsy, only to discover love again in his older age with Helen. When fate took his second wife away, John set his heart on an old college friend, Libby, and made a life change from the suburbs of Connecticut to the rural mountains of Vermont to be by her side. Through it all, family remained his priority and he continues to find joy in his relationships with family and friends.

Published by Legacy Preserves

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Before (book)

By Robert Lee Brower

Before they were Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandaddy, and Great-grandma and Great-grandaddy, they were Bobby and Dorothy, two young people growing up in the 1920s, 30s and 40s in Washington, DC.

As Told to Mark Schopmeyer

Compiled and Edited by Betty Schopmeyer

Book Design by Meghan Vigeant

Published by Legacy Preserves, 2014

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Six-Word Memoirs (book)

Illustrated Six-Word Memoirs

by Midcoast Maine Authors

Just six words. That’s all you get. 33 people of all ages took the six-word memoir challenge at the Midcoast Mini-Maker Faire in 2014. They each wrote and illustrated a six-word story that encapsulates their identity, philosophy, fears, loves, passions, humor, or simply what they did last summer, or all of the above. For some it was a transformative process of self-understanding. For everybody it was a fun way to write, draw, and create. We hope these six-word memoirs will inspire others to pick up a pen (or crayon) to write and illustrate their own six-word memoir.

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2014, published by Legacy Preserves (Meghan Vigeant)

Maine Boy Goes to War (publishing)

Maine Boy Goes to War: and the Story of Mizpah

by Paul Marshall
Produced and Edited by Meghan Vigeant/Legacy Preserves

Paul Marshall grew up in the woods of northern Maine under the shadow of Katahdin. He lived a poor but idyllic childhood in a one-room tarpaper shack with his parents and six siblings. His world changed when he was called to serve as a combat medic during World War II. In Europe he saw so much destruction and despair; images that would haunt him forever. Two decades after the war Marshall was given a chance of a lifetime to turn the tide of destruction to hope. In 1964 Marshall, with his wife and three children, moved to a south Pacific island lagoon called Truk, where he built and ran a school for future Micronesian leaders. On the island he saw how the same super powers of World War II had also dominated and oppressed the people of Micronesia, and he set out to find a way to encourage their autonomy and freedom through the power of love and family.

I started working with Paul on his book in late 2013, coaching him to write and structure his book. I provided content development, line by line editing, and project managed the final stages of copy editing the manuscript, book design, printing and publishing.

Maine Boy Goes to War_Marshall (dragged)
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2014, book, total length: 221 pages, personal history & publishing services

Guts, Feathers, and All (book)

A book of profiles about ten Swan’s Islanders and their history.

In 2008 a fire destroyed the historical collection on Swan’s Island. I was hired as the Island Historical Documentation Fellow by Island Institute to help the community to reclaim their history. In addition to writing this book I also produced a series of audio and multi-media documentaries about the island’s history. Working with a team of volunteers we created a new digital photo and oral history collection, which continues to grow today.

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