Record Hop Romance (multimedia)

Swan’s Islander, Gwen May, remembers her days of poodle skirts, romance, rock n’ roll, and record hops.

 “The older boys, if you got a chance to dance with them your heart would pound and pitter patter all over the place- or mine did, ‘cause I was a silly, silly teenager.” – Gwen May


This piece was produced as an audio piece as part of the Swan’s Island Memory Project, a series of audio documentaries based on oral histories of residents of Swan’s Island, Maine.  It appeared in a presentation of “Swan’s Islanders at Play” in July 2010, and has aired on WERU. The Swan’s Island Memory project was created to rebuild the island’s connection to history in the wake of losing their historical collection to a fire in 2008. It was created as a multimedia piece by Meghan Vigeant in 2014 for a presentation of a Musical History of Swan’s Island at the Island Institute.

2014, multimedia documentary & 2010, audio documentary, total running time: 2:51, producer, editor & oral historian