Last Member of the Band (multimedia)

Last Member of the Band

Marion Stinson learned to play the piano at a very young age, just 4 years old. She plays by ear and has her own unique style. She went on to play with the band for the dances at the Swan’s Island Odd Fellow’s Hall during the 1940s and 1950s. Marion still tickles the ivories with her own flair these days.

Marion (Turner) Stinson (b. 1933) was interviewed by Meghan Vigeant on November 30, 2009 for the Swan’s Island Memory Project, a community history project started after a fire destroyed the Swan’s Island Historical Society collection in 2008.  The audio piece was played first at a presentation of “Swan’s Islanders at Play” in July 2010, and has aired on WERU. The video was produced for a presentation at Island Institute in August 2014 on the Musical History of Swan’s Island.

2014, multimedia documentary & 2010, audio documentary, total running time: 1:58, audio & video producer, editor, oral historian