Is that My Imagination? (audio)

3 min

A sonic experience inside the mind of a woman with bipolar, a mind on strike.

Is That My Imagination? was presented by Meghan Vigeant at the opening session of the 2008 Third Coast Conference – the 2008 TCF ShortDocs: Radio Ephemera. Radio Ephemera challenged radio producers to create a short audio work inspired by two books from the Prelinger Library in San Francisco, and featuring the voice of a stranger. This piece was inspired by the books Control of Body and Mind and The Big Strike. Voices featured are Alyssum D’Aoust, my friend, as well as archival audio of Mario Savio, an activist leader of the 1960s Berkeley Free Speech Movement, and Tom Wootton, author of The Bipolar Advantage.

2008, audio documentary, total running time: 3:00, final format: mp3, independent producer